Webinar despre consilierea în carieră (2014)

Webinar despre consilierea în carieră bazată pe probe


Miercuri 30 aprilie între orele 15:00 și 16:00 aveți posibilitatea de a participa la un webinar gratuit pe tema consilierii în carieră bazate pe probe („Evidence based career counselling”).

Printre cei invitați să susțină prezentări în cadrul lui îi amintim pe Raimo Vuorinen (coordonatorul ELGPN din Finlanda), John McCarthy (Director ICCDPP) și Tristram Hooley (cercetător la Universitatea din Derby, Marea Britanie).

Mai multe informații despre conținutul webinarului și modalitatea de înregistrare găsiți în secțiunea din dreapta paginii. Webinarul va fi susținut în limba engleză, iar înregistrarea se face în limita locurilor disponibile pe baza principiului „primul venit, primul servit”.


The Evidence Base in Career Guidance

Phil Jarvis (Canada) and Raimo Vuorinen (Finland) will moderate this webinar.

The topic will be introduced by Dr. Tristram Hooley (UK). He will describe current work being undertaken by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network to support policy makers to a greater level of understanding of the evidence base in lifelong guidance. He will briefly outline the process undertaken by the ELGPN, highlight key findings and set out a series of key evidence based principles that should inform lifelong guidance policy and practice. He will conclude by summarizing what the evidence for impact is, what the lessons from the evidence are for policy, system and service design, and highlight areas in which the evidence base needs further development.

Following Dr. Hooley’s presentation four internationally-recognized career guidance leaders – Peter Tatham (Australia), Scott Solberg (USA), Lynne Bezanson (Canada), John McCarthy (ICCDPP) – will respond, focusing on:
· What are the strongest pieces of evidence that we have and what do they provide evidence for.
· Given what we know about the evidence base, what are the implications for policy and practice?
· How do we get practitioners to engage with evidence?
· How do we get policymakers to engage with evidence?
· What gaps exist?
· What should we prioritize in a future research agenda?
· Is there a need for greater international co-ordination in this area?


Register for the webinar
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Once you have filled in the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email with the link needed for the day of the webinar. On the day of the session, click on this link a few minutes before the start time of the session to allow for a brief installation of GoTo Webinar. Once you connect to the session, you can choose your audio option – use your computer’s microphone and speakers, or use a telephone with a toll-free number.


Tristram Hooley
Tristram is Reader in Career Development and Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby in England. He is responsible for overseeing the development of the research and education programmes run by the Centre. He has research interests in the role of technology in career development, the careers of researchers, careers policy and the changing nature of careers work in schools. . He has been involved in research, teaching and education in and around higher education for most of his career and has particular interests in careers, doctoral education, social capital and the role of technology in research, teaching and guidance.

Peter Tatham
Peter is the former Executive Director and a previous President of the Career Industry Council of Australia. He played a key role in the development and implementation of national standards for career development professionals. Peter is currently collaborating with several IT, HR and high performance organisations to revision how career services might more effectively meet the needs of individuals in changing work and learning environments.

Scott Solberg
Scott is Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Counseling Psychology and Human Development at Boston University. For the past six years, he has been investigating career development policies and practices throughout the United States and is
providing technical assistance support to a number of states in support of their individualized academic and career learning plan efforts.

Lynne Bezanson
Lynne is Co-Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation. She is a founding member and on the Board of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy and coordinates the work of the Canadian Research Working
Group on Evidence Based Practice in Career Development (CRWG). Over the past five years, the CRWG has completed three significant research projects that have advanced the database for evidence based practice. A fourth study is underway.

John McCarthy
John is Director of ICCDPP. He chaired the ICCDPP workgroup “Prove It Works” which was a follow-up activity to one of the sub-themes of the 2009 International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy held in Wellington, New Zealand, and
whose report was presented to the 2011 International Symposium held in Budapest, Hungary.

Raimo Vuorinen
An IAEVG Board member, Raimo is ELGPN Coordinator of Finland at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The ELGPN aims to assist the European Union Member States and the Commission in moving European
cooperation on lifelong guidance forward in both the education and the employment sectors.

Phil Jarvis
An IAEVG Board member, Phil is Director of Global Partnerships at Career Cruising, Canada’s primary source of career exploration and planning resources for students from kindergarten to tertiary education and adult career seekers.

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